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WolfeAx is here!

Introducing Magnus and Delaina! If you’ve read Nighthawk, then you know Patrick de Wolfe is the biggest de Wolfe brother. He’s really the knight in shining armor of the whole gang the way he fought for his lady-love, Bridey. Patrick…
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WolfeAx is on the way!

Want something to read the day after Thanksgiving? Don’t forget that WolfeAx is coming November 26th!! So excited to get Magnus and Delaina’s story out to you. And a heck of a story it is! We’ve got a prestigious knight,…
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Master of the Dawn has ARRIVED!

My latest and greatest is HERE! An early review for MASTER OF THE DAWN: “I can’t remember when I’ve cried so much at any book, yes Kathryn does her best to drag every emotion out of the reader and succeeds…
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